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Much needed beat down...

April 22, 2020

It's Earth Day and for the first time in my adult life, I truly believe the Earth is doing better today than ever before. Not because of billions in taxes to green deals or global agendas but because humans have obeyed their governments requests and stayed home. We've closed our schools, churches and businesses because we believe what we're told and because of this, the Earth and all her other residents are rebounding from our collective daily foot prints, tire marks and chemtrails....a-hem, contrails. What does this say about humanities contribution to life on Earth?  I hope and pray that this CV-19 horseshit gives us all a greater perspective on how to act when and if we're ever given our rights back to move freely and go about our stupid daily human business of species entitlement, meat slurping, pain seeking, money addictive routines.


For the most part, I've been enjoying the sabbatical I've had due to the global hysteria revolving around COVID-19. I'm shut in with my awesome kid who, thanks to me, is an amazing vegan chef among other things and my two extremely lovable cats. My mom and nephew are close by and we live in the greatest state in the Union.  Here in Massachusetts, we've been shut down since March 13th, my daughters 16th birthday. Three weeks prior to this shut down, I finished up my 1500 hours of certification at beauty school in New Hampshire to be a hair stylist. My state board exams were cancelled and here I am in limbo, waiting to start my new career as a stylist. I'm in a unique situation and quite comfortable so waiting this out hasn't been a huge shock. I am grateful I hadn't invested in booth rental or other commitments and especially grateful that I quit tattooing and body piercing years ago for a lot of reasons. I don't see that industry rebounding when this is over and done.


I know exactly what tattoo and body piercing businesses are going through and I am so grateful I am no longer a part of that world. All those rock star tattooers who never saved a penny and lived day to day on their cash are now doing what? Those transient tattooers traveling from shop to shop and convention to convention are doing what? I don't think the business will ever be the same after this. It might actually be good for the legit old school tattooers who do great work and customer service by collapsing the rickety shops who were cutting into profits. If that's' the case, I hope so. Although I no longer advocate for tattoos, I know there are some great people out there who are meant to be inking. 

Now, if you were to categorize me and my beliefs, I'd be sitting high up on the conspiracy theorist table in the middle of the room. You know, the one with the elephant on it. I'm a free thinker. A critical thinker. I have learned to research and question everything that gets my attention. Back in the day, when I was still doing my radio show, I started researching Agenda 21, which is now Agenda 2030; the New World Order. This exposed so much for me and opened my eyes to a global agenda that's dead set on a list of scary things none of which can be fully implemented without depopulating the earth. Its a huge, never ending rabbit hole that I'm not going to get into in this thread but one might want to look into these things for themselves, because it's happening full throttle right now. So  if you're going to judge people like me, call us names, tell us we're wrong and crazy conspiracy theorists....Well, you have your useful idiot nerve if you haven't done the same amount of research and profess to know anything about a subject some of us have been researching for decades. The globalist have had a plan and this plan has been in the works for decades if not longer. Part of this plan is a cashless society where we all have a digital marker, perhaps an implant that we use to buy and sell. Revelation Much? Who has all the control over money if you can't hide any under your mattress?  This COVID-19 sure looks well designed to take out all small businesses reliant on cash. So, tattoo shops, strip clubs, salons of every shade and service; will those who rem open after CV slowly dry up as they give us the squeeze until everyone has a digital mark for buying and selling. Until every industry has a corporate master?


In the past decade or so, every Tom, Dick and Jane Rebel Wanna Be, "I want a sleeve", Future Tattooer has left their unoriginal, entitled, no outline infinity symbols, owl perching, gem stone henna, birds bursting, rib cage sayings, in every puke bucket there is. Links to pinterest, instagram, twitter, tumbler and beyond are today's water color flash on the wall. No newbie tattooer has to learn the sacred craft of needle building, buying an autoclave, scrubbing tubes or breathing flux. They're spoiled little brats contributing to human ego and the worlds plastic dilemma at alarming rates. I feel badly for people who are struggling now without income but the tattoo industry, in my opinion, needed a beat back to a low roar. Life can go on without tattooing. It's not needed in anyway. It's yet another stupid human activity that is self absorbed and contributes directly to humans addiction to pain and suffering. There is not one tattoo that isn't an ego's scream for attention. And humans addiction to seeking attention is probably one of the biggest killers I can think of.

I didn't even get into the facts regarding toxic pigments being injected under your skin and causing lymphatic damage at exponential rates, year after year but I guarantee that in the next few years, tattooing will be under some serious scrutiny in regards to pigments and other products used by the industry.


I've been thinking so much about some of the tattooers I've worked with over the years. Many  are dead. I can't believe how many times I fell in love. I met my great loves in tattoo shops, my great hates, too. I have been praying for a few of you that you find your way through this time. I'm grateful I have a permanent home, a lovely child and a garden to play in.  I'm one of the lucky ones! I already divorced tattooing and found a new way. As if the industry wasn't fading already, it's a pretty blurry future for most body art practitioners.


Like everyone, I'm just waiting for the world to open so I can get back to being of service to people with my skills in hair, skin and nails. But will it? And when it does, what will tattooer and body piercers do to supplement their income? Perhaps implanting those biometric 666 marks of the beast  chips from Bill Gates will be the " lick em & stick em" cash cow for tattoo shops in the 2020's?  I wonder if mortuary schools will show a high attendance of heavily tattooed Gen Z's looking for their next creepy identity.


It's a nice thought that we'll see normal again but if we go back to "normal" how have we evolved? Every change, every obstacle in life is meant to either destroy us, or help us evolve, either as individuals or collectively. This plague, this shut down is meant to help us evolve into a better Earth community. I believe this. The choice is ours. But I think, before we get to make that sweet smelling choice, we'll have to cut through some pretty scary tyranny. We'll have to think collectively, a hive mind, in order to win over these globalists and tyrants attempting to destroy our lives and everything we've all worked for.

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