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December 22, 2019




"No politics or religion at the table."

Murmurs every head of household since Sarah Good was accused of fornicating with Satan in 1692. Hush yourself, you might be accused of witchcraft or worse, supporting Trump. In reality, the head of house has been repeating this brainwashing probably since Joseph tried explaining Mary's virginity. Because it's always more comfortable for the feeble minded to ignore elephants in the room than to actually understand it and help to solve it's problems. Elephants don't belong in any room, they belong in the open air using their free will to do as they wish.


“Never talk about politics and religion at the table”

Does it have anything to do with eating?

Yes, it's bad to get stressed out and angry while you eat. This can cause acid reflux, poor digestion and maybe even some choking. Certainly, it causes problems for your bowels.

No one likes that.

How about we learn and understand that within each of us is the power to control our response to outside stimulus? If Nana is ranting about her love for POTUS, it's up to you to respond (or not) in a way that keeps you safe and healthy. Why should we be expected to shut our mouths so as not to offend someone's thoughts? This, to me, is compete madness and feels like a plot to keep us from ever trusting each other or practicing healthy ways to debate.


So, definitely, don't discuss conspiracies or anything controversial because it'll surely head back to politics or religion. Human opinion is harder to tolerate than the V.D. we spread, but that's usually not discussed at the table either. Did you know, you're just too stupid to have a healthy debate sharing and listening to differing opinions?  You're definitely too stupid to be taught the Socratic Method for a healthy debate.  No, no....the reality is, those who have spread this little motto over a millennia are the very political and religious leaders and institutions that rely on our division and confusion to conquer us, keep us inline waiting for handouts.  From the burning times in Europe, to the Salem Witch Trials, to the Crusades....the elite scum depend on dividing us in order to conquer us.

I wanna talk about it.

With everyone.

And I do.


I wonder about this programming as my fierce opinions on world affairs maneuver like a wrecking ball thru the easily offended and brainwashed fog of cognitive dissonance that seems to be suffocating everyone these days. I wonder why people repeat it and demand allegiance to a taboo; a silence that only fosters denial and obedience, not unlike a toxic alcoholic family system. While everything around us here on our little Blue Dot in the vastness of the Universe is in constant flux we humans get stuck on petty non-changes that do nothing for us collectively but obey the puppet masters and teach our children how to remain in chains.


I want you to think about the who, what, why and when of this motto, "no politics or religion at the table, work place, in school"

Who trained us? Why would this be their "go-to" approach at communicating opinions?

Today, it's not only a method to silence opinion and the sharing of facts, it's an undermined attack on the Constitution, the First Amendment. The "no religion or politics" at the table motto rides side by side with the PC culture that is designed to destroy our freedom of speech. I go out of my way to freely speak.

No politics or religion.

Wtf? It's only  two of the most important things in our cultural perceptual reality lead by the most evil and corrupt of human beings. But let's not discuss it.


Why is it that we must expect our family or those we eat with to get upset when potentially differing opinions are spoken of?

Shouldn't we be embracing each other at the family meal regardless of opinions or stated facts on politics or religion? Have we been trained to be offended by politics and religion on purpose? Isn't politics and religion the root of all that's wrong with society? Burning Times, The Crusades, Salem Witch Trials, Nazi Germany,  etc....all religious and political....


When we simple bipeds don't understand something, we fear it, then we tend to think we should kill it first and don't ask questions later. What would happen if we chose to understand something when we fear it? Get to the source of fear, decide if it's rational? Learn peace before war?


It's not that politics are bad or religion is bad, it's our reaction to those who's thoughts on such subjects are not the same as ours. This is human ego at it's most inflated! What is it about humans that in one way we chose to pacify each other with polite superficial talk instead of engaging in each other to discover unknown truths about each other, to share information, to unite against the forces that are -actually- out to kill us, literally? There has always been an agenda here, folks. Its an agenda to keep us divided. Because if we were all to unite on the Earth to defeat the evil that is destroying nature, children and our futures, they wouldn't stand a chance and a Utopian world would be possible.


Don't expect me to obey your lame attempts to control me.

Don't expect me to shut up to pacify your denial and weakness.

I never have and I never will.

I'm busy being the change I wanna see.





The Socratic method, (also known as method of Elenchus, elenctic method, or Socratic debate), is a form of cooperative argumentative dialogue between individuals, based on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking and to draw out ideas and underlying presuppositions.




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