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Effected or Affected

April 4, 2019

Spring has yet to show itself here in New England this year, maybe today. Could it be the slipping magnetosphere? Crustal Displacement? Global Warming? The military's stratospheric aerosol spraying? The Russians? Regardless of the incoming ice age, no one will care about the truth but make no mistake, blaming YOU will certainly be part of the blame game. That's what we humans do to deflect guilt from our fragile egos; we blame others with no interest in solutions.


Life experience has yet again solidified my understanding that humans generally make life worse for each other and basically all life. You might luck out and discover the ones that have no ill will -no demon present in their daily doings- but it's pretty tough to navigate through a streaming crowd of unstable and mean humans; some authentic, some mean spirited and some down right evil. One in five are sociopaths that will do whatever they can to ruin you. Even if you're a good person. You might have a strong personality, you might be abrupt and too honest for the average mouth breather but that wouldn't make you as evil as the person trying to ruin your life for such a personality. Speaking up and standing out only puts a bigger target on your back.  The amount of hate that resides in people is disturbing. It's never been more exposed; peoples hatred for free thinkers, the people who fit in no square hole and those of us who question "official" narratives. My hatred goes as far as randomly screaming in the quiet of my car at people who clearly have no regard for the rules of the road that they agreed to follow when given the priviledge to operate a motor vehilcle.  Yes, I am a recovering road rager. I can be cranky and carry a scowl on my face but I guarantee you, the chances of my mood having anything to do with you, are pretty slim.


Just like some people are incredible portrait artists, others can't draw a stick figure but that same person who can't draw a stick figure can wire up some new construction and illuminate your entire home, safely. That incredible portrait artists couldn't change a switch plate. We all have our abilities and deficiencies. What I lack I can find in others and visa versa but only if we're all cooperating with good intentions. Maybe not.


Are we all not God expressing itself? From every stone to blade of grass to every dog in the Asian meat trade to every Kardashian, are we not simply an expression of the creator? Whether that creator be dark matter holding us together in a vast universe of space or an old creepy dude in the clouds, aren't we simply an expression of that? I think so.


Let's all lighten up.



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