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Social Media and the Rising Sun

January 27, 2019

I love facebook for so many things; being connected to friends and family, a variety of news and information in simple forms and all the hilarious animal videos and memes. Social media woke me up to many things we humans are facing and doing on Earth, good and bad. It lead me to become a meticulous researcher of health, wellness and politics, including every conspiracy theory there is, past and current.


Social media is great for many things. Chances are you know this so I don't have to explain. What I would like to explain is that I'm done with facebook. Over the years I've deleted and been deleted hundreds of times, I'm sure. I rant my opinions out into the social network to be accused, judged and de-friended on the internet and in real life. I even went as far as to block my mother so she couldn't get triggered by my opposing political views. I didn't want to upset her. I've come to the point in my heart and mind that I don't want to upset anyone. I don't want any negativity pointed at me and I certainly don't want it to be easy for haters to hate me simply by looking at my facebook page. But being the open book that I have always been, I will keep my website and blog up and going making it just a little harder for haters to hate...


What really bothered me over the years is the assumptions people make. To assume you know anything is an act of ego and to see my words through your subjective reality is like watching a sun rise behind dirty curtains. Your dirty curtains have nothing to do with my sun rising. How you see me is about you, not me. On social media, many times, people just read right over what you’re actually saying to find one little trigger word to judge you on. So they can be offended. So they can be a victim. Isn't it annoying when someone reaches out to purposefully offend you with words then when you call them out on it they burst into tears and call you the bad guy? I loath the victim mentality.


I honestly believe that there is an agenda to brainwash and mind control the masses. It's happening on facebook and other social media platforms. just look into The Silent Sound Spread Spectrum and all the patents the military has on mind control, subliminal brain en-training. That's not fake news.


We all know how contentious and dangerous it is on the political stage these days. To be anything other than an obedient Leftist gets you ostracized, socially damaged and worse, it can ruin your life, completely. Live and Let Live is a concept many people refuse to live by. Being a Trump supporter or pro-constitution (2A) is a charge most people can't afford. What the media and the establishment is doing to Donald Trump and his family and supporters is frightening, disgusting and frankly evil. Sure, you can love or hate someone but acting on your hate is hateful. It's wrong. Reaching out to hurt someone is evil. It's sadistic and sociopathic. People are seeking to destroy lives over a HAT for fucks sake. People are out to destroy others over a look, a word or an opinion. People are seeking to destroy lives with violence over not agreeing with them and the real kicker is that they feel entitled to do so simply for your opposing views. This is an Orwellian nightmare happening before our very eyes.


The issue of our children on social media is a whole other can of worms, demon worms from hell, even. Smart devices are destroying us from the inside out, literally. Social media is destroying our ability to be social and accepting of true, authentic friendships. I see it in myself. I see it in my daughter and other children today. What kind of example am I if I'm always on my smart device fighting with people about opinions? My time is better suited writing, cooking meals, cleaning my beautiful home, putting tape on my cats feet or even going out into the beauty of Earth and talking to the king fisher down by the river. Although I care deeply about people and the state of the planet, I can't be submerged in it anymore through electronics and social platforms online that are literally engineering the unraveling of our society.


I received my 10 year anniversary from facebook the other day so I went ahead and deleted my account. You can find me here on my blog….or down by the river chatting with the otters.

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