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Flesh and Choices

January 9, 2019


It's safe to say that people are wounded, whether physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually we all struggle with personal suffering through out our journeys as humans on Earth. I believe we artists -specifically  tattooers- might be the most wounded of all.  Artists are willing to elaborate on their life experience through a chosen medium, evoking everything that comes with it. The tattooed seek a commitment to something permanent in a life of constant changes, sometimes anchoring us to a time and place that may no longer suit us in the future.  Tattoos invite the world to witness through subjective eyes our burdens and armor many times leaving us vulnerable to unfair judgements.  Depending on our level of maturity and ability to forgive, I believe this can be problematic for our soul growth. With an unyeilding commitment to our flesh and choices, being tattooed is a lifetime choice to be considered with the utmost amount of attention and Love. 

Tattooing can indeed be an infliction that remains long after it's healed; a marker for our journey in this human meat suit. Markers can not only serve to empower us but can act as anchors if we've chosen them in anger, guilt, jealousy or any of the negative human emotions.

The tattooed of the world choose to wear our experiences and expressions on our skin, taking the risks, trusting and enduring more pain and suffering as we seek purpose as individuals. As if being human isn't hard enough, we purposefully inflict more pain and permanence for the world to judge, as we make a statement, find tribe, evoke memories or just take charge of our bodies. By enduring our painful choices on flesh, we arm our bodies with a reflection of our warrior spirit for all to see.


And that, fellow Earthlings, is a very nice thing I wrote about tattooing....stay tuned for the full length version.

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