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So, I closed my shop, Sybil's Leaf for many reasons and started a completely new chapter of my life. I've never been happier than I am today. The older I get the more I understand that I don't like to be confined in one artistic medium but need to dance around, freely from whatever chosen artistic expression I feel like expressing on any given day, whenever I want without the expectations of others imprinted on my craft. I am not a disciplined artist. I am a flighty and fickle creative freak who has bouts of artist genius, daily. Some days all I want to do is macrame beads into plant hangers. Some days all I want to do is cut wood. Some days all I want to do is carve mushrooms from carrots and make stew. Artistic freedom does not have an open sign, at least not for me. 


The craft of tattooing is very difficult for the undisciplined and socially awkward. Not only are you expected to produce something for someone else in their personal life timeline to wear for the rest of their lives but you're expected to  entertain and to coach them through an especially painful life altering experience. Once you've tattooed someone it becomes a lifelong relationship, like it or not. 


So, as I nurture my body, in hopes of avoiding surgery, I'm taking another sabbatical from tattooing. I'm not sure at this point if I want another shop of my own. If the right place presents itself, I will certainly think about it but for now, I'll do my fickle old lady thing in my pile of crafts, read your cards if you call and leave the permanent, painful art of tattoo to the plethora of talented and ambitious new tattooers out there. 


Thanks for checking in. I am available for Tarot either online or house calls and will be working at several events through out the year reading Tarot and selling my art. Feel free to email me anytime at rebarazz@yahoo.com


Peace to you and Yours...














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