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We are always at the beginning. I haven't just started a new chapter to my  life, I've begun a brand new book. Literally and metaphorically. Whether or not I finish either one, depends on what Death has in mind.
I am literally an open book, always have been and always will be so I will share my latest gig; I'm busy completing 1500 hours for  cosmetology certification to add to my 600 hours of advanced aesthetics and 150 hours in nail technology to be a full blown beautician. A hair stylist. This is something my 15 year old self wanted to do but had I done it then or anytime before now, I wouldn't have ran in all those circles and into all those people that have enriched my life experience.  Yeah, we're always at the beginning.
I'm settled in the woods of New England where the water is clean, hillbillies have doctorate degrees and winter purifies those nasty brain eating amoebas in my beautiful summer's swimming hole. I'm happy to do your Tarot readings, pedicures, facials, nails and  hair but I am no longer tattooing. I'll leave that to the over whelming plethora of ambitious new inkers out there.
Check my blog for more information and updates.
Blessed Be...




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