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August 17, 2019



I've said it a hundred times, done it a hundred times and here I am.....revving up to complain about facebook, again. I've deactivated my account at least a hundred times in the ten years I've been on facebook. The love hate relationship many of us have with social media is disturbing to say the least. As marriages decline and followers scroll, we continue to play into the creepy A.I. fingers of social media.


Just so you know....pretty much every entry I write in this blog is "free written". Much like the abrupt and sometimes hurtful things that spew from my mouth, I am unedited, uncensored and generally salty when I speak....on purpose.  If I was unaccountable for my actions, I would blame YOU because you piss me off with your wimpy victim status of being offended. You get to choose whether you're offended. Period.  And what's incredibly annoying is when little brat victims do or say something to illicit a response from me, then cry victim when they can't handle it.  Suddenly, I'm a bad person for treating people badly when in reality, you shouldn't be whacking a hornets nest if you're afraid of stingers. Here's me judging: Their issue is not just stupidity and victim status it's a frequency vibration they're addicted to. Just like I'm addicted to complaining about social media and pointing out how stupid people are, little brats are addicted to the drama they entice when they get a more painful reaction than expecting. Don't poke the old grizzly mama if you don't want her breath in your face. It's pretty simple.


So, back to facebook. Over the years I have literally "friended" maybe 20 people out of the hundreds of friends I have. The majority of 'friends" I have on facebook have "friended" me. I made a decision not to friend people I don't know in real life. So, what to do when people you don't know send you a request? Depending on mutual friends, I might accept. Depending on whether I see them every day might determine if I accept their request. Like, if I'm working with a bunch of people and someone I don't know (never spoke with) from work friend requests me, I'll accept it so as not to cause any weird tension.....you just never know how people are going to act these days. And in good bi-polar fashion (so all you gen Z's can understand) this post is for you little brats who send me a friend request, get accepted, troll my page, get offended then delete me only to send me messages with your self imposed delusions of narcissism because for whatever creepy reason, you need my attention. Knock it off. I'm busy. I've ran around the playground 30 years longer than you and I don't give a rats ass if I offend you.


If you've sent me a friend request that didn't get accepted, deleted me after sending me a friend request or been deleted/deleted me after we shared real human time, it's over. Piss off. We are not friends. If you're wondering why I won't even look at you, it's simple; you cannot be trusted in any chunk of my life, my attention, my conscious. I gave you a shot, I was nice to you and you turned into a freakish brat swirling your own conspiracies about me.


And so none of you narcissists think this was written for you, about half a dozen people came to mind as I wrote this.


Carry On....


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