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Decoding the Psycho Trash Invalid

August 11, 2019




psy·cho·path - a person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior.


trash - discarded matter; refuse. person or people regarded as being of very low social standing.


invalid - a person made mentally weak or disabled by illness or injury caused by their own stupidity




When confused by someone or something whether it's depth perception or a three syllable word it's a Psycho Trash Invalid's natural defense to go on the attack. It's like their natural confused state is wired to expect everything be made simple for them to understand and when it isn't their confusion evokes anger and they attack with the only power they can muster.  Their gross childish entitlement tends to attract situations that make them out to be victims and many times cause them injury and brain damage; hence invalid. Knowing no other way to mitigate their drool they usually verbally assault the person saying things that confuse them. If they can't keep up in processing a conversation or muster the right words, they'll just do a lot of mouthbreathing, snot gurgling and make a lot noise with their hands and feet.


An attack by a Psycho Trash Invalid generally looks more like an obese child whipping a garden hose around than any semblance of a calculated attack. Simply standing clear of their whistling hose is usually defense enough.


A common trait of a Psycho Trash Invalid is attempting to enlist an army of orc type slobs who help with vocabulary and spreading vile incoherent lies in the hopes of enlisting more orc type beasts. These slovenly orc types are generally not invalids but almost always Psycho Trash. They spend too much time trying to invalidate others in an attempt to boost their own mental deficiencies. Fortunately, for the general population, most people are good and not invalids. Most people just want to live their lives with joy and purpose, staying clear of the whistling hose and orc slobs. Neither of whom can run very fast in their untied sloppy foot wear.


When faced with a personal attack by this Psycho Trash Invalid human genome one must always keep in mind the whistling hose. The orcs will eventually get bored after the love and friendship of the bulk population shines warmth on their slanderous lies but the whistling hose tends to never stop. It simply just intrigues new potential orc types who are fresh to the scene.


The best protection against this pathetic element of humanity is to simply ignore them. However, writing a satirical blog helps in better understanding the Psycho Trash Invalid and their sloppy Orcs but once written it should be left to the ethers as one moves on with their love and purpose.



Psycho trash, qu'est-ce qui ne va pas avec toi?








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