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The Salty Psychic

June 9, 2019

I never had a name for why I was so susceptible to other peoples feelings, especially negativity. I've literally ran from crowds, classrooms, places of work and entire regions due to the constant psychic impressions coming from other peoples vibrations. Whether personally intended and directed or not, I can feel peoples negative intentions and thoughts. Fortunately, I can also feel the Love in people as well. Understanding that others negativity is not for me to sync up with helps me maneuver my way around them without affliction. Learning to protect myself and still be open has been a journey that I could not afford without the guidance of The Tarot.


I've studied Tarot since I was a child. My father was an old school astronomer with a worn out deck of the Rider Waite and a stack of ripped ephemeris'. I've been studying the arcane since I can remember. Tarot, palmistry, Runes, astrology; I've read hundreds of books on the subjects. Tarot is definitely my favorite and my specialty.  I continue my studies every day. Little do most know, today's 52 card playing deck was derived from Tarot and the Hero's Journey. Prevalent in every good Hollywood script, The hero's journey comes from the first unbound book in human origins; The Tarot with the journey of The Fool on his Wheel of Life. Most of our superstitions have come from the ancient symbolism in the cards, such as the number 13 and the Death card.


Studying the origins of The Tarot and it's symbolism has given me a well rounded education on human history and ancient myths. It's also helped me find a way to God, to Spirit, The Source Field, to the Divine Mother or what ever you would like to call the benevolent Dark Matter that science is now discovering, Tarot has connected me to it. I find it fascinating that we humans cannot find the beginning origin of Tarot. They literally date back to the beginning of our recorded history. Tarot; Older than books, cheaper than therapy!


I have accurately predicted everything from divorce to pregnancy, from financial difficulties, cars breaking down, meeting of mates to deceptive friends. I've had intriguing impressions of past lives and Spirit Guides. Many times spirit impressions come through in a reading but many times they don't. Every reading is very different in terms of how well I can read someone. Some people are wide open, others not so much.


My style of reading is more of a counseling and by using the Oracles we can see into the issue from a unique perspective. The cards are always right but this does not mean we cannot change the outcome. The art of divination helps us see the path we're on and where it'll take us should we stay the course. It's our own free will to decide if the path we're on is the path we seek.


For  Tarot readings and private parties please email me at rebarazz@yahoo.com



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